Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Last week was pretty much a bust.  I was excited about reading and writing and keeping a (now abandoned) log of how much and how quickly.  That didn't work out too well.  I got about 44 pages of Factotum read, 28 pages of Erak's Ransom (the seventh Ranger's Apprentice book) read, a meager 249 words of my short story for Toasted Cheese Literary Journal's current contest written, and 755 words of my novel written.  The only time I even opened my outline file was to expand chapter one's outline.  I hoped for a lot more progress.  I think I will shift my focus more toward reading than writing.  That means that I'd like to have all four of my current short stories (actually, one may end up being a novelette) done and six or so books read/finished and I'll be happy.  I'll have to be patient on my novel.  Anyway, I'm done stating my failings.  I hope this week will be a bit better.

Patrick Stahl

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