Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guest Post Editing Part 6

        Wiggles noticed that the bowl of saltwater taffy on the mantle was starting to empty gradually.
        “Have you been eating any of that taffy from the mantle lately?” Wiggles asks his mother anxiously.
        “No sweetie, why?” MPFBV pondered.
        “Because it isn't as full as it was before,” he replied, then left the kitchen.
        Wiggles goes to his room to ponder the mystery... Well if mom hasn't eaten any taffy, and I haven't eaten any, then somebody has to have been! He thinks for a while, then comes to a conclusion: Well if mom and I haven't eaten any of the taffy, then it has to have been Fluffy. Wiggles thinks to himself. Well since I never granted Fluffy permission to have any, that means he's been stealing it from us! Well wiggles didn't like the fact that his new friend was a thief... it was time to seek REVENGE!

        Wiggles wafted around through his living room.  He noticed that the fire had stopped crackling in his fireplace, provoking him to chuck a piece of rugged pine into its ashy waste.  A quick glance at his mantle gave him a start more powerful than that of the sparking hearth.  The taffy bowl that had sat full upon it for as long as he could remember was nearly empty.
        "Mom, have you eaten any of the taffy we keep on our mantle lately?" Wiggles asked.
        "No, I haven't."  His mother knit her eyebrows.  "Why do you ask?"
        "Just wondering.  It needs refilled, oddly enough."  He stayed long enough for a nod from his mother and retreated to his bedroom.
        Wiggles settled himself on his bed and got to thinking.  Nobody in his house even liked taffy.  He was puzzled as to why his mother had the bowl out in the first place, let alone filled with the candy.  There was only one possible culprit.
        "She's a thief..." he muttered.

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