Saturday, June 2, 2012

Guest Story Editing Part 3

        “Hey Fluffy, did you find anything fun to do while I was gone?” Wiggles asked curiously.
        “Yes, your house is very nice,” complimented Fluffy.
        “Thanks! Well lets go outside and play catch, okay?” Wiggles wondered.
        “Sure, that's fine with me!” Fluffy replied.

        Wiggles returned from the kitchen and asked, "Fluffy, did you find anything to do while I was gone?"
        "I guess so," she replied, her head cocked slightly down, but voice still bright.  "Your house is very nice."
        "Thank you!  Well, want to go outside and play some catch?  This game takes way too long."
        "Fine by me," Fluffy replied.  She got up and charged toward the door, tongue secretly flitting through her taffy-coated teeth.

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