Friday, June 29, 2012

Schlock Mercenary

I've always wanted to write stories about mercenaries.  I wrote Zento the Mercenary, Espionage, and the beginning of an unfeatured story with a mercenary protagonist, and that was great, but Howard Tayler gets to write about a large group of them every day.  Not only did he have the privilege of getting a great idea involving them, he now (after several years of it being moreso a hobby) makes money off of his idea.  His characters, Schlock (an amorph who looks like a bile of goo), Kevyn (a great scientist), Tagon (the leader), Dr. Bunnigus (the doctor part tells you enough, I think...), and many more, are well-built and attention-grabbing.  The strip has evolved over the years into a beautifully drawn and colored masterpiece with almost epic complexity.  Mr. Tayler is also one of the hosts on Writing Excuses podcast, which I plugged over a month ago.  Please check out Schlock Mercenary, a comic space opera that you can find here:

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