Friday, June 8, 2012

Fire Emblem

This week I'm plugging a video game franchise.  Yes, a multi-console turn-based strategy series.  Fire Emblem comes to us from Japan.  There have been five titles released in the U.S. (I own four of them) out of a total thirteen.  The Fire Emblem games are, in my opinion, some of the greatest every designed.  The storylines are well constructed (although the original U.S. release "Fire Emblem" had poorly written dialogue) and engrossing.  Each game is broken down into chapters, in which you command soldiers from a variety of classes (such as mage, lord, and cavalier) through combat.  You beat each chapter by fulfilling the objective, usually either killing a boss or seizing a gate.  New characters are gained throughout the game.  The final chapter includes the main antagonist of the game, whom you have to kill.  The games' graphics are spectacular for their respective consoles, "Fire Emblem: The Shadow Dragon" for DS especially.  I highly recommend these games for anyone who likes turn-based strategy.

Patrick Stahl

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