Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guest Story Editing Part 7

Today is the final installment of Guest Story Editing and possibly the final Saturday post.  Enjoy.       

        Fluffy realized that Wiggles knew about the taffy situation. Wiggles decided to follow and watch Fluffy's every move. He now referred to himself as “Wiggles the Stalker.” He watched Fluffy steal a piece of taffy everyday. But one day...
        “Do you want any saltwater taffy,” Wiggles asked politely one day.
        “No thanks, I don't want anymo-er I mean any taffy, but thanks anyway,” Fluffy stuttered.
        That's when Wiggles caught Fluffy red-handed.
        He screamed “BUSTED!”

        Fluffy became more and more nervous when coming to Wiggles' home.  She could not help but notice his rapid glances between the mantle and her.  Her secret was out, she knew.  A grand apology was in order.
        "Wiggles," she began.
        "Yes, Fluffy?"
        "I have something that I need to talk to you about."
        "Oh, and what would that be?"
        "I think you've found out that I took quite a bit of taffy without asking..." Fluffy trailed.  "I'm sorry."
        Wiggles was somewhat taken aback.  He hadn't thought that Fluffy would admit to her fault.  "It's okay.  I forgive you.  And for goodness sake, it was only lousy taffy!"  Wiggles laughed and gave his friend a hug.
        The two creatures' friendship went on as usual after the so-called Taffy Strife.  It grew in later times into something far greater.  All is well in Pumpkin Town.  Today, it's even better in its chapel.  The sound of the wedding bells is sweeter than any candy.

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