Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guest Story Editing Part 4

        Fluffy and Wiggles wandered outside to play catch.
        “Do I smell chocolate?” Wiggled asked.
        Fluffy became nauseous and nervous, struggling to come up with a manageable lie to cover up his theft.
        “Uuhhhh, yeah... I stopped at the Pumpkin Town Candy Shoppe,” Fluffy lied.
        “Oh cool, what did ya' get?” Wiggles wondered.
        “Just some chocolate truffles,” Fluffy replied nervously.

        Wiggles walked over to a ball lying in the dewy grass and tossed it toward his friend.  Fluffy caught it in her mouth and launched it back.
        Crinkling his nose, Wiggles asked, "Do I smell chocolate?"
        Fluffy's head swam.  She looked off toward an oak tree to her left.  "Oh, yeah," she said, trailing.  "I stopped at the Pumpkin Town Candy Shoppe."
        Wiggles nodded.  "Oh, cool.  What did you get?"
        "Just a few chocolate truffles.  That was a few hours ago.  I'm sorry, I meant to save one for you."
        "That's okay.  Let's play some more catch.  I love your throw."

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