Saturday, April 30, 2016

Y is for Ymir Caroc

(Note: I'm several minutes late.  I know.  The funny thing is, I'm done with college for the semester now, so I really haven't got an excuse.)

Ymir Caroc is a father of four young children, all girls.  Their ages are fifteen, twelve, six, and one.  Ymir works fifty-five hour weeks to support his family, but he spends all of his remaining time with them.

Liana is the oldest.  She does ballet and recently picked up the violin.  Ymir thinks she is the most talented dancer in the world, even if she does stumble from time to time.

Nina is next.  Her talents haven't fully blossomed yet, but she really enjoys reading.  Ymir used to read to her every night.  Now, Nina reads to him.

Beatrice is in Kindergarten.  She likes to paint, though her arms aren't quite steady yet.  Ymir often draws animals for her to color in.

Debra is still just a toddler.  She was born ten weeks early, and she has stayed fairly small.  Ymir sits with her in his rocking chair for at least a half hour every day and reads her passages from the Bible, even though she can't understand them just yet.

Ymir is in love with life, his wife, and his kids.  He regrets very little.

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