Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Bernard Cousteau

Bernard Cousteau is a plain man on the surface.  When he isn't wearing his royal blue military uniform he is wearing royal blue civilian clothing.  He loves his country and has pride in his military service.  He is a member of the Queen's Own Rifles.  His natural ability in metal magic is limited, but he is able to sharpen his aim after consuming the right powders.  Bernard has a tendency to keep his body so rigid that it almost appears that he is floating along during a march.  This has earned him the nickname "Wisp" from the ancillaries of l'Akos in his unit.  Bernard was born in a small village in south-eastern Glas, the son of two prominent merchants.  His military service began at age fifteen after an apprenticeship with a gunsmith whom Bernard quotes constantly.


  1. This sounds amazing!!! I would totally read this story! You should write it into a short story at least, it sounds so cool! Great job :)

    1. Thank you! I might some day. This month should give me plenty of story seeds (as if I didn't have a ton already).

  2. Sounds like an interesting guy that you could do a lot with!