Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for Xabi

Little is known of Xabi.  So little in fact that his surname has only been hinted at in whispers.  Over one hundred hits have been attributed to the silent assassin.

All of Xabi's targets have been shot through the heart with the round of a different gun.  Each hole is in the same spot.  Dead center.

There have been rumors that Xabi will not stop until he has killed with every gun of the modern age.  It may be true.  A checklist was recovered from the scene of a double murder three months ago.  Two of the check marks were fresh.  They were drawn in the targets' blood.  Some eyewitness accounts claim that the list was a plant, but that testimony has been put into question.

Xabi's career has stretched eleven years as of last Wednesday.  We are sure that we shall catch him before he strikes again.  Do not worry.

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