Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Ducks Galore

Teeutterland is not free of problems itself.  About ten years ago, some illegal immigrants brought in invasive ducks.  The ducks multiplied quickly.  Within six years nearly every body of fresh water in Teeutterland was infested with the invasive birds.

In order to curb the duck population, the President of Teeutterland imported foxes from Seltzershire.  Unfortunately, the foxes preferred every aquatic creature in Teeutterland over the ducks.  The duck population has been declining, but the invasive fox population has exploded.

Lowered fish populations have resulted in many of the fishermen of Teeutterland converting their skills to fox trapping.  Teeutterland has benefitted from increased fur exports, but current fashions to the south have shifted away from furs in recent months.