Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Orchards

There's something mystical and serene about orchards.  They provide an immediate emotional resonance.  When an orchard is well-tended, the sun passes through the trees in beams and keeps the whole area lit beneath the swaying emerald leaves.  When left to rot, the sun evades the decay, and crushed fruit and compost litters the orchard floor.

Orchards are underutilized in storytelling.  If you want to evoke a feeling of wonder or a feeling of despair, set a scene in an orchard.  There are plenty of wondrous settings, and swamps or mires are often used for despair, but the orchard can be used with a sense of originality.

I believe a scene in The Sum of All Men took place in an orchard.  That's about the only scene I can think of set in an orchard.  I'm not really sure why.  Orchards are cool.  Then again, the only orchard I ever remember writing about was for a little writing exercise in 8th grade.  It's definitely on my list though, after deciding to write this.  Maybe I'll use it in my Playwriting class next semester.

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