Friday, April 15, 2016

M is for Mara Vitalli

Mara Vitalli chose to not go to university.  When she was younger, she had wanted to be a marine biologist, or perhaps a doctor, but throughout high school she decided that biology wasn't for her.  Her teacher was great, and she got good grades, but the material just didn't interest her at the earlier levels.  She decided that she liked people more than animals and shifted toward publicity because of an internship she snagged her senior year.  When she was offered a job straight out of high school as a full-time publicity assistant, she stole the opportunity.

Mara has worked for her publicity organization for eight years.  During that time, she has worked for dozens of minor celebrities and a few political figures.  She does not regret skipping over college life for the opportunity.


  1. Interesting posts. I'm glad I came by.

    Beth Lapin
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