Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Summer Hath Begun

My summer begins today.  It will be a summer filled with reading and writing, as I've intended to do for a few years now.  I apologize for last week's poor flash fiction piece. I didn't start it until very late in the day and didn't have time to redo the story.  This week's story should be much better.  I've actually spent a little bit of time outlining, so I'll sort of know what I'm doing.  Speaking of outlining, this week I will be working on the outline for my novel and beginning the first chapter.  I am going to attempt to complete the first 50,000 words this summer.  Hopefully I'll do better on this try than I did in my novel's first form that I began four years ago.  I'm changing the plot a good bit, which should strengthen the whole thing.  The outline should help a lot too.  Surviving the first break in action will be the toughest part.  I think having read The Eye of the World this time around will make it easier, as Robert Jordan was a master of epic fantasy (which I'm writing) and writing the tough parts (i.e. going from one relatively boring place to another while making it somehow exciting).  I will also be completing my short story WIPs over the summer.  I'll keep anyone reading posted about how everything goes.

Patrick Stahl

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