Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guest Story Editing Part 2

        Fluffy and Wiggles did everything together, but one day...
        “Come here Wiggles! Somebody didn't finish unloading the dishwasher!” Mrs. Purple Fluffy Butterfly Vampire (who everyone called “MPFBV” for short) exclaimed from the kitchen.
        “Sorry, I'll be right back!” Wiggles said as he fled the sitting room, where he and Fluffy were previously playing a board game.
        Fluffy started to wander around the cozy room, noticing everything. He spotted a small bowl of saltwater taffy on the mantel. Ooh, these look good! He thought to himself. It's not like they'll miss one tiny piece of taffy. He spied around the room to make sure that nobody was coming anytime soon. He grabbed the smallest piece that he could find, to quickly shove it into his mouth and begin to chew. Ooh, chocolate! My favorite

       All was well and good for Fluffy and Wiggles for a great while, but one day the situation changed for the worse.
       "Wiggles!  I could use your help for a moment," Wiggles' mother shouted from the kitchen.
       "Sorry, I'll be right back," Wiggles said as he rushed out of the room.  He knocked over his board game token in his haste.
       Fluffy set down the dice she had been gripping between her cloven hooves.  She decided to have a look around, as she had never paid full attention to Wiggles' living room before.  The room looked quite mundane.  The walls were a pale beige, the fireplace and carpet both a rusty red-brown.  A small fire crackled gently in the hearth, flames illuminating the mantle above.  Despite the rest of the room, the mantle looked quite interesting.
       A variety of items were strewn across the shelf.  Pictures of bats long forgotten sat near to ones of Wiggles, his mother, and his father.  Vibrant purple candles were lit on the sides, filling the room with a mysterious scent that Fluffy hadn't even realized until now.  Defeating the other objects in appeal, the center-most item on the mantle stole her gaze.  An intricate glass bowl held her favorite treat, chocolate taffy.
       Fluffy glanced around her to see if anyone was looking before she walked up to the mantle and ate a piece.  The one she chose was the smallest in the bowl, figuring that it wouldn't be missed.  She returned to her place at the game looking no less innocent than before.

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