Sunday, March 17, 2013


I apologize in advance for the short length and low quality of this flash fic, but nevertheless enjoy.   

     Martha dropped her bagette and screamed.  An oozing serpent slithered across her kitchen floor, drawn out of thin air.  She tried to turn and run, but her eyes were affixed to some jewel-like projection on the creature's face, or at least what should have been its face, and her body wouldn't cooperate.  A slit opened beneath the gem as it stuck out from it a long grey projection, dripping with red saliva.  Or blood.  It could have been either or both.
     The monster rammed right into Martha's leg, sending shooting pains up her abdomen as the tongue penetrated deep through her skin.  She felt her marrow being syphoned out.  The pain was so sharp she almost couldn't feel the bone splintering.  Martha fell to the side.
     The serpent plunged his tongue in and out of Martha's crippling form.  She hollered and cried until all sound and tears had faded.  Her final breath came at last, a plea for death fulfilled.

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