Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jasper, the Anorexic Penguin

     Roaring winds swept across the tundra, whipping snow across Jasper’s beak. He raised one dainty flipper to shield his face. Waddling away, he headed toward a glacial hill to stay out of the wind. His depressed belly was numb and painless for the first time in weeks. It wasn’t that Jasper had no way of getting food, fish were overabundant in the area and he was very near a patch of ocean filled with fish, Jasper was just odd. He was an anorexic penguin.
     When Jasper at last removed himself from the wind, huffing and puffing away, he threw himself to the ground. Soon he was snoring softly.
     Waking a few hours later, he gasped. In the dark ocean water beside him was a gargantuan leopard seal! He squawked and set to hobbling away. Alas, the seal snatched Jasper’s feet in its maw and slammed him against the surface of a nearby pool. Jasper's bones cracks. His flesh tore into several dozen dozen pieces, floating only a moment before entering the mouth of the victorious predator. Farewell, Jasper, the anorexic penguin.

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