Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brandon Sanderson's Laws of Magic

It's Forensics season again and I just got back from a meet, so my head isn't very clear right now.  (I managed 2nd out of 5 competitors in extemporaneous.)

Anyway, today I'm simply linking to Brandon Sanderson's Laws of Magic, along with my extrapolations of the Laws as posted over the last few months.

First Law---Magical Resolutions

Second Law---"Illegal" Magic Systems

Third Law---Expansion Versus Addition


  1. I love BS his books and classes have taught me so much. Sorry for my lack of post and comments I have been super busy.

    1. I'm behind on his books, but I've watched almost all of his lectures and listened to many of the Writing Excuses episodes. It's okay. Busy is busy.

  2. Well done, Patrick. You write well.