Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Undergraduate Major Blindness

Ultimately, we can only speak for what we ourselves have studied (and, though I didn't mention this in the article, even within a major, we may not know how certain choices within the major affect the situation).


  1. Okay my dude you need to tell me your secrets on how you write for such cool outlets, I'm lowkey jealous every time you link us to another post (even if your writing is much more articulate than mine and you write for local outlets that I can't lol). I agree with what you say though, we all need to find modules that suit us best and shouldn't squabble over what's harder or more difficult.

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. These posts I've been linking to over the past several months have all been over at Odyssey Online, which is a site for American college students. I write three or four articles a month (plus one if there are five turn-in days in that month). It's all unpaid, and we can basically write whatever we'd like. It goes through at least the Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor from our school for proofing, and supposedly there are people from the Odyssey itself who look at them too, though I think their hand in things has decreased as of shortly after I started writing last summer. I joined because a friend of mine asked me to, and I've stayed on because I don't want to abandon my team, haha. I really should link over to more of my posts.