Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Nina's Revelation

            Nina glanced at her watch through the waterfall of her tears.  It was nine-thirty at last.  She laughed, rolling her eyes.
            A paper towel commercial faded away into the opening theme of Facing the Unknown.  Nina scrubbed at her tear ducts with the back of one hand and squeezed the armrest of her couch with the other.  The pain in her chest subsided along with the song.
            The opening scene left Nina racked with laughter.  She laid her head against the couch cushion during the following commercial, remembering how she had been racked with weeping minutes before.  “Stupid boy,” she muttered.
            The next scene unfolded like a love note.  Nina sat herself up straight and stared at the screen.  Her pulse quickened along with the main guy as he poured out his feelings to the main girl.  The girl in the show froze and drifted away, off to some other wing of the high school she attended.  Nina parroted her motion, starting toward the fridge to find a heap of comfort food.
            Then she saw it, just before the cut to commercial.  A little gold cross set against the main guy’s chest, dangling from a hidden chain.  “How did I never notice that before?” she asked herself aloud.
            She plucked a dust-coated Bible from the drawer of her side-table and peered at the words.  When Facing the Unknown returned, she focused on the cross necklace.  It was beautiful.  She hung on the main guy’s every word and realized that spoke not only like a sweet teen boy, but also like a genuine, admirable young man with morals.
            Nina turned back to her Bible, flipping to the book of 2 Samuel.  “Samuel,” she whispered.  “He’s a Christian.  And I think he said he liked Facing the Unknown yesterday.”
            She folded her hands, closed her eyes, and prayed a simple prayer, thanking God for her favorite show and this sudden change of heart.  All the pain from her evening of crying was gone, replaced with mirth.  How?  Why?  “Maybe I should talk to Samuel about it.  I bet he’d make a much better boyfriend than Todd,” she said to herself.

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