Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shedding Stories

I finally decided to delete one of the short stories I started a while back.  I was only a few hundred words into it, but I'm sure there are people who would oppose starting a story and not finish it.  I don't really mind doing so.

The story was either going to end up boring, extremely odd, or incredibly difficult to write.  My concept: the leader of a country watches the last of his people, save a handful of retainers and family, then leaves in a boat.  Originally I was going to have him found a new country, but after some thought I realized that I didn't know how to write that.  So, that's Outcome #3.  Outcome #1 was simply going along in the boat for a while before docking in a neutral country and going to diplomacy.  The extremely odd outcome was a pirate attack, which, while it may sound cool, would entirely defeat the mood of everything else in the story.

There's my dilemma and my choice.  Would you do the same?


  1. Sometimes you have to scrap a story. Maybe at some point a thought will strike you and you can use the idea again.

    1. Perhaps. I should probably put it in my "Cool Stuff To Use Sometime" file.

  2. Hey Patrick! Just read your interview at Kathy's blog. Welcome to this awesome community.

  3. Nice interview at Imagine Today. I didn't realize Peggy was your inspiration to start blogging. She's awesome. Loved Brandon's BYU series and seeing Peggy with him.