Thursday, May 1, 2014

Taking Breaks

While it's important to write a lot when you want to become a good writer, it's also important to take breaks from time to time.

It's probably horrible for momentum, but I find it best for my creative flow to take a minute or two off every quarter-hour or so to let my thoughts drift, use the restroom, etc. as I write.  When I come back I can usually hammer out a paragraph and then craft my way further.

Taking longer breaks is less advised.  When I don't write for more than a week at a time my quality and inner-editor perception wane.  Lately I've been trying my best to not do that.

This being said, I'm ending this post right here and resting from the A-to-Z Challenge until Sunday, when I'll be linking to a dark steampunk/horror story I wrote Tuesday afternoon.  Have a good day!


  1. Enjoy taking a break, Patrick. Sometimes we have to pace ourselves, or we overwork ourselves, which could be worse than interrupting the momentum. Though admittedly, I've been known to stay glued to my keyboard if I'm on a good streak and have a bigger rest later. Having said that, I tend to do most of my writing later at night, so if I just write until I'm ready to sleep then of course I'm going to have a nice solid sleep until morning haha. See you on Sunday! :)

    1. Yeah, I do a lot of late evening work as well, in which case I don't take as many breaks typically.