Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Heated Discussion Between Two Telepaths on a Motorbike

(Note: This story comes from the same setting as my Zento stories, which you can find via my "Zento" label.  A few of the references in this story may not make sense to you if you haven't read certain Zento stories.)

            Ever’clin hopped on the back of Clar’wein’s motorbike and accepted her mental request for a telepathic linkup.  He pulled a helmet from the otherwise-empty sidecar as Clar started up the engine.
            Here we go, Clar pathed.
            Ever put his arms around Clar’s waist as the bike lurched forward.  Where are we going again?
            To the sushi place on 7th.
            Isn’t that the joint that serves Earth fish?
            Clar motioned for Ever to lean into a sudden turn between two emissary buildings.  I thought you liked Earth fish?
            Karonti fish are my favorite, but good ol’ home-farmed Goran 4 fish are almost just as good.  Ever thumbed the scar above Clar’s currency chip, placed quite controversially on her belly.  And both are a lot cheaper.
            Clar twisted to glare at Ever.  You forgot, didn’t you?
            Forgot what?
            The monitor above the next intersection flashed “caution.”  Clar slammed on the brakes.  Ever’s stomach flew into his throat.  Our relationship could stop that fast, Clar pathed.
            Ever shifted to massage Clar’s shoulders.  What are you going on about, Clar?
            You really don’t know, do you?  Clar separated herself from Ever by throwing her weight into an acute veer.
            Flailing his arms to keep from splattering on aptly-named Diagonal Street, Ever pathed, What the eternal fires, are you trying to kill me?
            No, but I’m starting to think about it.
            Wouldn’t I have heard if you were
            Go to Goran 1.  The left handlebar of the motorbike came within a finger’s width of the side mirror on a hovertaxi.  Clar jerked the bike back into the center of her lane.
            Clar’wein, please.
            You really don’t have a clue?  Not even a guess?
            Your birthday?
            That’s in twenty rotations.
            My birthday?
            Clar slapped Ever across the face.  It’s our one-year anniversary.  We honey-mooned on Earth, so I thought it would be romantic if I brought you to a restaurant that serves Earth food.
            Ever sighed.  Honey, our anniversary was almost forty rotations ago.  I bought you a bouquet from Goran 3, remember?
            That was our Goran 4 anniversary.  Clar slapped Ever on the opposite cheek, nearly driving into the back of another motorbike as she did.  Today is our Earth-year anniversary.
            Ever coughed.  When was the last time I told you I loved you to Goran 6 and back?  And Earth fish.
            The motorbike slowed going into the parking lot of Fish From Earth’s Briny Blue.  By what calendar?  Clar laughed.
            Ever wiped a lake of sweat from his brow as he replaced his helmet and dismounted the bike.  He broke the telepathic link as Clar cut the engine.
            “Wait just one Earth minute,” Clar said aloud, shoving Ever to the ground.  “There are seven planets in the system, not six.”


  1. Cool idea here. The idea that no matter what they can communicate and also just a good short. Nice stuff here man.

  2. Great idea, Patrick. I loved reading it. An anniversary that was forty revolutions back had my jaw dropping open in shock and surprise. Thanks for the suggestion regarding books on plotting.

    1. Oops. I guess forty revolutions is quite a shocking number. I wrote this too late at night for my own good, I guess. I meant to use the word "rotations" rather than "revolutions." It has been changed. No problem.