Thursday, March 27, 2014

Writing and Me (Repost)

(I just finished acting in a musical and I'm pretty tired.  Instead of posting something new on the topic of writing, I'm reposting an interview I performed on myself in order to show how writing relates to me.  If you're new here or stopping by in the days just before the A-to-Z Challenge, place look it over to learn a little about me.)

My Room/Writing Alcove

I'll be back on my regular schedule tomorrow with my Sunday flash fic, but for today, I've decided to post something semi-personal as my delayed Thursday writing post.

I write.  How do I write?  That's a weird, large question.  Let's take this interview-style.

Q: Where do you sit on the outlining scale?
A: For flash fiction I'm very close to the discovery writing end.  For non-flash short fiction I'm about one-fifth of the way to the outlining end.  For novels I'm right around the middle of the scale.

Q: Do you prefer to be called a discovery writer or a pantser?
A: I'll accept either, but strongly prefer the former.  You can also call me a gardener if you'd like.

Q: What do you write?
A: I write a wide variety of things.  A good percentage of what I write is for school.  I take both Honors English 11 and College English.  The former is low on writing assignments.  The latter is almost exclusively writing assignments.  We've mostly focused on non-fiction papers, but I did have the opportunity to write a piece of fiction as a "descriptive essay."  I got a 100%, by the way.  I also write for my county's newspaper's High School Highlights section.  Most of my contributions are 150-200 word persuasive responses to each Question of the Week.  I've also reviewed the movie Gravity, my school's new soup option, and explained how literary-bent English education is.  For my school newspaper, I write the occasional flash fic and sports article.  This blog is my largest publisher.  You can find many swathes of organized text here, from writing advice, to literary criticisms, to speculative fiction of varying genres, to the furthest reaches of fiction.  Okay, maybe not the furthest reaches, but pretty far.  Fiction-wise, I write fantasy flash fiction the most.

Q: Where did you learn how to write?
A: Not English class, I'll tell you that.  I mean, I'm sure it's helped, but most of my English education is courtesy of the Writing Excuses podcast, Brandon Sanderson's lectures at BYU, and Patrick Rothfuss' short-lived Youtube series The Storyboard.  I also learn a lot from other writers' blogs, through reading, and through practicing my craft.

Q: What do you plan to do with your skills?
A: My dream is to one day become a Senior Editor at Tor Books.  I'd also like to do some writing on the side.  I'll consider starting a small press in the far future.

Q: Where do you write?
A: My room is pretty much a writing alcove.  You can see it above.  I also write on the floor of my dining room.  Oh, and there's school.  I don't write much fiction there, but lots of non-fiction logically sprouts from my hands there.

This is a random assortment of questions to give you a basic idea of "writing and me."  I was interviewed "for real" here.  If anyone has any questions they'd like me to answer, I'd be very happy to do so.

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