Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A-to-Z Scheme

As you can see by my sidebar, I'm doing the A-to-Z Challenge again this year.  The Challenge is meant to challenge bloggers to post every day during April except for Sundays, moving topically from "A" to "Z."  Last year I started with a story called "Arson" and ended with an open critique for my "Zento" stories.

I posted four flash fics, one literary criticism, and one writing post each week in 2013.  This year I shall be changing things a little.

My schedule:

Monday---Flash Fic Criticism

Tuesday---Writer Criticism

Wednesday---"Whatever Flash Comes to Mind Wednesday"

Thursday---Writing Post

Friday---"Fantasy Flash Friday"

Saturday---Short Story Criticism


  1. This will be my first year. I can't wait to check out your FF.

  2. Spiffing line-up, Good Sir! I shall most certainly tune in on Wednesdays to see what flying jaws you are dangling from by the seat of your pants.
    Miss A