Sunday, February 9, 2014

Her Eyes

"Her Eyes," one of my best flash fics, in my opinion, was published by (non-paying) on the 6th of December 2013.  It was entered in the 2013 Halloween Contest.  Since then, the site has ceased working, so I shall be posting it below.  (I have all rights to the story.)

            Her crystal blue eyes were unmistakable, even from outside my bedroom window at two in the morning.  Lena Cummings looked down at me through the glass.  I opened the window a crack.  “Go around to the French doors in back.”
            A moonbeam illuminated Lena’s honey-blond hair.  I took a deep breath and let it out slow.  The doorknob wouldn’t turn at first.  I realized with a shake of my head that it needed to be unlocked first.
            “John,” said Lena.  She pulled me into a tight embrace.
            I shivered.  The lilac perfume I watched her use on the bus the day before smelled fresh in spite of the hour.  “What are you doing here?” I asked, stammering.
            “I wanted to see you.”  Her tone was so matter-of-fact it made my face go hot.
            “In the middle of the night?”  I laughed, stroking the back of her velvet coat.
            Lena put a hand to my cheek, caressed it.  Her skin felt soft as silk.  She lowered the hand to my shoulder, replacing it with her lips.  They kissed me once, twice, moved to my mouth and kissed me again.  I kissed her back.
            Wind shook the trees in my backyard.  I opened my eyes to see the bare branches dance in the gale at the corner of my vision.  I hadn’t noticed my eyes were closed.
            “Do you love me, John?” Lena asked, pulling away just far enough that the ends of her lips brushed mine.
            My heart went to jelly.  “Yes.”
            “Look me in the eyes, John.  Tell me again.  Please.”
            I gazed into her irises.  “Yes,” I said, my voice strong and blissful.
            Her eyes glowed in the darkness.  The pupils could have been ethereal pinpricks, islands in the midst of vibrant yellow oceans.
            I screamed as she placed her teeth on my neck and bit deep into the flesh.  A thick pulse of blood streamed from my jugular.  I went limp as she threw me to the ground in her flight, giggling in Lena’s angelic tone.