Sunday, July 28, 2013

Under the Apple Tree

(Note: This first appeared as a comment on one of the 1000th Monkey's Friday Flash posts.)

     We found it under the apple tree in Jake Wilson's yard. It squirmed, crawled, excreted slimy orange fluid. One of its three eyes blinked at us, the iris blood red. A second eye opened, this one gold. A narrow beam of light shot out of the pupil.
     "Ow," my brother, Michael, said. He shook a scorched forefinger.
     I took a step back as it opened its final eye. Nothing happened.
     "Wow, it's so green," Michael said. He sucked on his finger.
     "I think we should tell Mr. Wilson about this..." I trailed.
     "No," came a voice. I looked around, pivoting. Nothing.
     Michael's face turned snow white. "I...I think that thing talked."
     "But it doesn't even have a mouth."
     "Why yes, I do, and quite a large one," said the voice. "All the better to eat you with."