Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

I've only read four stories from this magazine, but from those readings I've detected some unique qualities for speculative fiction of today.  They're written in 3rd-narrative.  Not limited.  And yet they're quite good.  The latest story I read, "The Heartsmith's Daughter", seems to be my favorite.  It appears to be a fairy tale (and is), but there is depth and grit to support the suave narration.  Asimov's, and even Analog, have some of the same types of stories, sort of Howl's Moving Castle for readers a few years older.  The Magazine of F&SF operates at about the same level, with its own eclectic style.

Lovers of fantasy and science fiction will almost certainly love one of the three mentioned magazines, and at the least make it to the end of stories in the others.  I love all three.

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