Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Rerion-a

     Do you want to ride waterfalls?  Grapple with three-headed tigers?  Drink eighty proof for hours and never get drunk?  Consider Rerion-a for your next interstellar vacation.
     You’ll love the low gravity environment, perfect for little aviators yearning to touch the sky.  While not much can be done for your mass, you’ll see your weight drop by fifty percent the moment you land!
     The wildlife on Rerion-a is the tamest in the world.  Zoos are stocked with exotic breeds and hybrids, all yearning for attention.  You can swim with sea snakes, perform a duet with an uplifted toucan, or create your very own species in the genetic facilities.
     After years of study, Rerion scientists have discovered the solution to intoxication.  Before you order your first drink, take a shot of a specially designed solution that enters your blood stream and breaks down just enough alcohol to keep you buzzed but never hammered.
     Book your trip to Rerion-a today!


  1. Grapple with three-headed tigers? I'm in.

    And if it'd be possible for me to create a velociraptor in those genetic facilities, I'm even more in.

  2. Def booking my trip to Rerion-A !! Inspirational.. Happy to connect. I am now following you via A to Z Challenge . Do feel free to drop by my blog Wilderness at