Monday, August 6, 2012

Fifteen - Farewell

Simply put, here is part four of my serial, Fifteen.

            Amelia’s hair fell to her waist.  The dark locks were braided into three plaits, tied to one another by bands of golden linen twisted into triangles.
            Staring blankly, she said, “I can’t believe that it’s been a year already.”
            Mr. Wood replied, “Yes, miss, a short time in the full scheme of things.”
            “I’ll miss you,” Amelia stated, her voice low.
            “I won’t truly be gone, miss.  I shall be at your side always.”
            Amelia nodded and paced around the Strongroom.  She fiddled with her plaits.  “I know.”
            “I would like for you to learn one more thing before I transform.”
            “What is that?”
            “What you shall be up against.”
            Amelia gulped.  “You said that I have until I reach adulthood before I must fight.  Is that untrue?”
            “Her forces are beginning to assemble, if the times have not changed.  It is far from uncommon for fighting to break out early, although rarely at the fullest scale.”
            “Who is “her”?”
            “They call her the Princess of Darkness,” Mr. Wood began.  He shivered.  “Tovorchica, the Weakener.”
            Amelia’s face scrunched.  “She has come before?”
            “She rises from the Strength itself.  A part of it she tainted some three thousand years ago.”
            “How do I fight her?”
            “You must harness the whole Strength, including the taint.”  He paused.  “Both of us shall perish in the Unleashing.”
            Amelia’s eyes flew open.  “Both of us!”
            Mr. Wood frowned.  “I speak the truth.  I shall be consumed along with you.”  Bowing stiffly, he stated, “Farewell, miss.”

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