Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm in sort of a "doing anything of real value" sort of slump.  It isn't that I don't like checking my Facebook and email every ten minutes, it just doesn't do me much good.  I haven't read a whole lot the last few days and as far as I can remember all that I've written in the last week has been a micro-fiction piece for a small contest and this week's flash fiction.  Luckily, at around five I have soccer practice and America's Got Talent is on after that, so I shan't be entirely bored come that time.

I will soon have my own room (I share one with my brother currently) and in that room will be a desk.  Let me rephrase that; and in that room will be a magic, efficiency-building desk.  I've wanted to work on a real desk for a while now, as right now I'm typing at the dinner table and it's highly cluttered and chaotic.  The desk will also allow me to read in a fairly quiet, comfortable environment.  I should be moved in by the first of next month (yay!).  Here's to actually getting stuff done.

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