Monday, July 30, 2012

Fifteen - First Incantation

I'm sorry about the brevity, folks.  I had to scramble to get something written before leaving for a recreational trip.  Here it is, part three of Fifteen.

            Amelia pulled out the chair before her and sat hard.  She was pale as marble.
            “That’s tough,” Mr. Wood stated.  He received a snarl in return.
            “How long do I have?” Amelia asked.
            “I am not the brightest historian, but to my knowledge, most Golds live to adulthood.”
            Amelia regained a little color.  “Three years…”
            Mr. Wood, after a long pause, coughed loudly and said, “We really must finish that lesson.  Continue reading, miss.”
            The change in her title made Amelia blink.  She cleared her throat and began, “A mage from any of the Five can perform basic conjuring with the Strength.  The first, and simplest, conjuration creates smoke.  To perform the conjuration, mages must focus on its incantation, whether mentally or physically, and speak its name.”
            The bottom of the page was filled with ancient-looking words and odd symbols.  One appeared to be a fox etched over a crescent moon.  Another was a blazing hearth.  A wheel of triangles came last.
            Amelia took a deep breath and stared at the incantation.  She took careful notice of every detail.  “Smoke,” she said.
            The air turned thick and the room black.  Mr. Wood shouted, sputtering, “Call off your conjuration.”
            “How?” Amelia returned.
            “Do the same as you did before, only call to cease.”
            Amelia’s mind raced.  Hoping her memory of the incantation served her, she choked out her command.  The smoke cleared as if driven off by the wind.
            “That went overly well,” Mr. Wood muttered.

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