Friday, January 20, 2017

Teaching "Spec Fic For Free"

My next theoretical exercise for Writing for Digital Media involves making a syllabus for a class I would like to attend or teach.  I decided that I want to (theoretically, and only possibly in the near to distant future) teach a course titled "Spec Fic For Free."  You can see the raw details for this class below.

This course could be taught face-to-face, but it could also be done online using digital methods.  A growing number of authors are developing online courses accessible to the masses (often for a fee).  That is probably the way I would go for this.  I would either livestream or record lectures in advance, making them viewable only by those who pay a bit for the class (unless I have a good pool of assets by that time).

"Spec Fic For Free" would contain lots of documents with hyperlinks to different locations where free speculative fiction can be read (such as here).  It likely would also feature links to articles about the various topics discussed.  All assignments and tests would be conducted through the Internet, and conferences would be held through some form of video chat.

Never a problem online

I'm interested in one day actually teaching this course.  First, I need to become the sort of person you'd want to be your teacher.  My experience with the field of speculative fiction publication is still slim, even if I do have a handful of publications.  Maybe some day.

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