Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Foreboding A-to-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I see that I'm a day later than the greater part of the A-to-Z Challenge community in revealing my theme.  Not that I had intended to participate in the event, as it were.  But it is another sign of my lack of attention to my blog and the blogging community.  I'm only one day late, at least.

My original plan for my A-to-Z theme was to review a television show episode each day.  As the days of March faded away without much preparation, I decided to change the idea.  With school, I cannot trust myself to watch the requisite amount to declare that theme.  Instead I'll be giving myself a much smaller load.

This April, I shall be posting a short bio for a character (I'll probably never write) or a description of some world-building element of a random setting I make up, likely different each time (though perhaps some days will be from the same milieu).  These will likely be quite short.  I'm sure my imagination will take a firmer hold on occasion and lend itself to a longer post.

I hope to see any and all of you join me in the Challenge this year.  I didn't make it very far last year, but this will be my fourth year participating, and I really hope it won't be a second failure so soon.  I respond to virtually all comments on my posts and try to comment on the blogs of all of my visitors.  Happy A-to-Zing!


  1. Can't wait to read your posts! I think you can make it this year! Good luck!