Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Children of the Mind (Ending Note)

Children of the Mind gained a lot of traction in the second half.  Orson Scott Card really stepped up, as I expected.

The largest section of each character arc arrived in half two.  They were very cool.  I didn't exactly foresee them, but they were properly foreshadowed.

Plot-wise, tons of stuff happened.  The events were tense, contemplative, and satisfying all at once.  Card is a master of his craft in this regard.

The setting comment from the midpoint analysis stands.

Children of the Mind earned an A- overall.  There were some problems, but nothing unforgivable.


  1. I like having enjoyed something enough to forgive the shortcomings, but I do like being able to tell when I don't like something that I've read, so that I can keep in mind not to accidentally do the same with my own writing. :) Thanks for sharing again!

    1. That's one of the biggest reasons I read. I read to learn; entertainment is a something on the side.