Thursday, March 14, 2013

How I'm Going To Write My A to Z Challenge Posts

Yeah, it's a little bit of a cop out.  It's technically about writing, even if by a different definition than these posts usually go by.  I had to do it sometime, and I'm coming off of 154 minutes of trigonometry homework (twelve "establishing identities") and I still have another identity to establish, so I figure I have enough of an excuse.

My Monday posts are going to be standard flash fiction.  It could be from any genre and will always be a stand-alone.

Tuesday posts will remain literary criticism posts.

My Wednesday posts are to be flash fiction pieces from continuing thread-lines.  That means Troll Hunter, the last Fifteen post (hopefully I can finish that off at last), Snail Mail, and Zento adventures.  I may begin another one, although I'll try to wrap up the first three before I do so.

Thurday will remain "Writing Post Day".

Fridays will be "Fantasy Fridays".  Each post will be a fantasy flash fiction.

Finally, my Saturday posts will be speculative fiction.  Therefore, I shall call them "Specualtive Saturdays".  They'll probably be horror or sci-fi more than anything else.  Perhaps I'll throw in an alternate history or romance at some point.


  1. Hello. Just thought I would stop by to give you a wave *wave* and to wish you luck with this challenge :)