Sunday, January 6, 2013


     A young man clad in royal blue came into the Captain’s room.  The captain sat at a large brown desk littered with papers.  “Yes, sonny?” he questioned after looking up.

     “We’ve been hearing an odd noise on our sonar for the last twelve nautical miles, Captain,” the sailor replied.


     “Well, Captain…”

     “At ease,” the captain interjected.

     “Yes, well, the sound is unidentified.  Its frequency is so high we almost can’t even pick it up, and it’s incredibly loud.  This is no animal, and there are no known ships able to make this kind of noise.”

     “Tell them to keep moving.  There’s no use worrying about it, it’s probably just a malfunction in the sonar.”  The younger man saluted and left the room with this statement.

     The ship rocked violently.  Water jetted up over the top deck and fell with a clatter like heavy rain.  A black shape jutted up at the bow.  The shape had eyes!  A group of sailors ran around in literal madness at the monstrosity that had wrecked their vessel.  The beast took one massive claw and drug the ship under, then fell back into his long slumber…

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